Frequently Asked Questions

These are some FAQ that you can take notice of, but in case your question is not in here, please feel free to contact us.

How to top up my balance?
  1. In person at our offices.
  2. Through bank transfer to our bank account
How to transfer balance between my cards if they are in my wallet?

In the mobile application go to the option to transfer balance between my cards, then mark the last 4 digits of the card you want to transfer balances, mark the amount and finish with transfer.

How to transfer balance to a card of another Melkar customer?

In the mobile application, go to the option to transfer balance to another client card, then mark the wallet id of the card that you are going to transfer, mark the last 4 digits of the card that you want to transfer balance, mark the amount, select who will pay the cost of the transfer and end with transfer.

How can I know the available balance?

The balance can be viewed in the app just to the left of the card image, please do not check the balance at ATMs

How do I freeze my card?

In the app go to the freeze card option, then select the reason for freezing and check “stop”

How do I unfreeze my card?

In the app go to the unfreeze card option and check if you want to unfreeze the card

How do I recover the pin of my card?

In the app go to the change pin option and then enter a new 4-number pin, it is not possible to recover a forgotten pin, the pin can be changed as many times as necessary.

How can I change the password?

In the app go to the change password option write your current password and after this enter your new password of at least 6 digits

Why does my prepaid card not go through a dataphone in a commercial establishment?
  1. Check that your card is not frozen
  2. Check that you have enough balance available for the purchase you want to make
How many times can I top up my card?

The card can be recharged multiple times, always and when it does not exceed the recharge limits established by Melkar prepaid card.

How can I buy a virtual card?

In the app in the option create virtual card and enter the value you want to buy.

How can I get an account statement for my card?

In the application go to the option generate account statement and select the date you want to view

Can I get more than 1 card?

You can buy one card as a cardholder and a second card for a family member called a family card as long as you meet the requirements.

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